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David Evans

David Evans

Cerner Executive, 1998 - 2011

Key responsibilities:

  • Compensation
  • Stock programs
  • Health programs, including clinic launch
  • Incentive plans (CPP)
  • Retirement plan (401k)
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Over four decades, Cerner has generated billions of dollars of wealth for associates and investors.   Our firm works to help associates make the most of the opportunities Cerner offers. 

We help:

  • New Hires – Timely decisions can make a huge difference
  • Seasoned Associates – Savvy strategies to grow and protect
  • Departing Associates – Critical decisions to make before and after the last day
  • Alumni – Secure the future through proactive planning

David Evans led the Compensation and Benefits strategy team at Cerner.  Over 14 years, he worked closely with all facets of Cerner's associate benefits programs, including stock programs.  His experience working at Cerner provides unique insight to support you through all phases of your career.  Our team approach provides experts on a wide range of financial topics.

Whether you are looking for a long-term financial plan, or need to solve a more immediate question, Premier Network is ready to help.

Brad Johannes

Brad Johannes

Experienced Career Coach

Brad has worked at large multi-national companies and has personal experience with several startup businesses.

He serves clients through all phases of their work lives, and has significant experience with stock ownership programs.

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